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October 2, 2012


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Warning: Wall of text ahead!

The most awesome weekend of my life has just ended :(

Had a truly sweet weekend at what's called "Fantasigründerskolen" which is a small 3 days courses of arranging and leading of projects with Fantasy as the common theme. This project is held by "Fantasiforbundet" which is Norway's greatest fantasy community, that I was already a part of.

I got to meet many new people, tried some new board and card games and learned a lot of great stuff I can get use of later!

Can tell a bit of the trip.
Starting with the Friday:
I showed up early outside of Oslo central station before the others, except those that had been at the station a while without going outside.
Some passed me until one I already knew came by me after he noticed me. Since he had a Cthulhu dice game t-shirt on him, he attracted the others that were looking for the group of us epic people so soon enough, we was all gathered together and started to get to know each other.

After a long train trip (With gaming involved), we ended up at our final destination. After some orientation in the building, we put away our stuff where we was supposed to sleep during the nights, we gathered up at one of the largest rooms to have several "Know each other" practises with one of the Course holders that made us excited and ready for more.
After that we had some of the first and important courses before we had a neat dinner and played board and card games to bedtime.

Saturday we woke up to Gangnam Style on loop to get us up from the beds in great speed. We soon figured that song would end up being forced to our minds to forever stay there until the end of our days.
We had more courses during the day where one of them was the first of the own selected courses. I went for "the shaper" that taught me how to get ideas, evolve them, represent them and work on them to make them ready to start perfect projects.

Forwards we had some mini courses that were also of our own choices. I went for Body Language on this one to learn some quick lessons on reading body language to see who is more dominating in both large and small groups. Sounds boring but it was really entertaining and taught me a lot! I cannot look at groups of people without testing what I learned there now.
At the end we had dinner for then to be a part of a live play called "Linda's birthday" that made us pretend to be kids between the age of 4 and 6. Amazing how grown adults can be that childish and make such a mess! We cleaned it up well at the end though ;)
During the night we went down to the lake (At least some of us did) to bath (I didn't bath, it was freezing cold) and watch one of the course leaders (A really amazing woman I already knew and the same the did most of the practical courses) actually breath fire and eat it! Gee, she can amaze any man alive!
I broke a part of my tooth that night... it sucks but it doesn't hurt so think it'll just blank out in time after brushing my teeth enough.

On Sunday we woke up to MORE Gangnam Style as well as some other Norwegian songs.
We ate breakfast for then to have more of the courses started the day before as well as another mini course of our choice. I went for Improve this time, was really fun and active though the last part of it made me nervous as it made me tell a spontaneous story with them as an audience that were to move differently based on how the story was... I kept them sitting (Which indicated it to be interesting) for a while, but at the end, all was standing around me which made me feel extremely small. Though it was still fun and Frida (The fire-breathing course holder) was really kind to me about it.

Some of the most awesome happened that night! We was playing in the fireplace room and dancing Gangnam style, though the room was too small so we tripped over each other a lot, until the night fell. Then some of us went out, carrying a bonfire to a place near the lake were we was sitting and talking to around 3am. Then I went down to the lake and saw something green in the horizon. I called the others to come down to me quick as I saw what it was. It was the Aurora Borealis. The polar light. It was amazing to see such that far south. It's extremely rare at such parts and awesome it had to appear at our trip during the last night! Sad not all got to see it as we was about 1/5th part of the group there then. But it was neat for us that got to see it nevertheless and a great end for the last night.

Since I went to bed around 5-6am that night, I was dead around 7am on the Monday when my alarm went on since I had forgotten to turn off the week day call. So it woke up the others and gave them some panic on turning it off without asking me as I was still fast asleep XD Kinda made me laugh when they told me later, though I felt sorry for waking the guys without even knowing it.

Gangnam Style started later that day, but it did not pass our ears.
After dinner we started cleaning the place. It went quite fast as we was a big group, but it was still a big place so did not get time for much.
We had the last course before Lunch and a quick improve after as well as a group picture in front of our awesome Phoenix banner!

After we arrived back in Oslo, some parted with us right away while a small group went to the office. There me and :icondarklord33: left our baggage before we went around Oslo to just chill for an hour or two.
We all met at the Cafe Sara in Oslo for the fantasy after party where we ate and had fun the last time before me and :icondarklord33 had to go.

The plan you see, was that :icondarklord33: was to sleep over with me. Even with some complications earlier, this went as planned in the end :) So she followed me home. Do NOT get any funny ideas! We just looked up some DA and Facebook stuff before just going to bed.

Next morning we had breakfast and went down to Oslo again to play some Circles and Zombie Fluxx with :iconkittypetro: (Who was not in the school with us, but I knew her from the group of that store already so we included her in our last game of Fluxx) The Zombies won both rounds... damn the 5+ zombies = lost ungoal!!!

Me and :icondarklord33: parted after she barely made her bus and I went back to Outland to play some more games before going home.

In all it was truly LEGENDARY weekend and I already miss all the awesome people I was with. Hope we'll all meet again sometime.

It's quiet in my apartment now when :icondarklord33: has left and I am no longer surrounded by my fellow nerds... But I get to see some of them again tomorrow =D

Now to end this gigantic journal, I'll ask all of you to check out :icondarklord33: and :iconkittypetro: here on DeviantART! They've both been here in 5 years and are really skilled at arts! So GOGO and watch them! Especially if you like Fantasy, Manga and My Little Pony (Last for KittyPetro... she is a really big MLP fan).

Thanks for reading :)
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Nepolinkz Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012   Digital Artist
nice to have fun weekends with peepz x3
eltoroguaco Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah! Wouldn't expect you to read all this xD Or did you skip to the last part? ;P

Anyway, yeah I am getting a way more interestig life now! Will play more bord/card games today aswell :3
Nepolinkz Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012   Digital Artist
If im bored i might do the unexpected xD i didn't skip anything lol

Thats good for ya! XD
eltoroguaco Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yh you always keep on surprising XP
Nepolinkz Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012   Digital Artist
nah i don't XD Nobody just know me..good enough XDD
eltoroguaco Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lawl, if you say so xD
Nepolinkz Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012   Digital Artist
Yep i do because i can |D
Mango-Kimchi Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
._. i've read so much..
But yays for friends 8D
eltoroguaco Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
indeed =D Nice work reading it all :)
Mango-Kimchi Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Thanks, it was a challenge but i did it XD *shot*
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